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STDF Webinars on Climate Change - Shared screen with speaker view
Pablo Jenkins
Dear all,For interpretation, please click the GLOBE icon at the bottom of your Zoom interface and select the desired language. Please note that you should switch to English only when needed, otherwise select OFF if the speaker is already speaking in English.
Melvin Spreij
The STDF is funding as series of projects on the pesticide residue mitigation through promotion of biopesticides, see: https://www.standardsfacility.org/PG-634
Melvin Spreij
And here: https://www.standardsfacility.org/PG-694
Melvin Spreij
The STDF is also developing a project in Latin America on biopesticides. This application will be considered by the STDF Working Group on 7-8 June, see: https://www.standardsfacility.org/PPG-753