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STDF/IPPC Secretariat Outreach Event
STDF's Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluation (PCE) Facilitators' project, led by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) Secretariat, aimed to help National Plant Protection Organization (NPPOs) improve their work through more robust needs' assessment and action planning, based on the IPPC's PCE Tool. The project set out to create a pool of trained PCE facilitators to roll out the PCE Tool in developing countries. In the process, it trained forty PCE experts, developed guides for PCE training and national phytosanitary capacity development strategy, and resulted in the completion of PCEs in Madagascar, Barbados, Kenya, and Guinea.

An independent external project evaluation, published in 2021, took a critical look at the project's relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability, based on OECD's evaluation criteria, and assessed its contribution to STDF's programme goal of improved and sustainable SPS capacity.

Join this virtual event with STDF and IPPC Secretariat to share and discuss the findings and recommendations of the project evaluation in order to build on the project's results, including to further support the PCE's use in developing countries.
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